Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace




Because the transformations that I am referring to involve an ability to be conscious, ... it is, in a way, spiritual, akin to an ascension of the human spirit. It is for this reason that the GHFP draws much inspiration from spiritual practices and wisdom of religions.
--- Simon Xavier Guerrand-Hermès, Founder and Chairman
When it is guided by appropriate values, the development of consciousness can lead to transformation at many levels. The transformations that the GHFP would like to see in the world resemble the ascension of the human spirit. It is for the cultivation of human spirit that the GHFP actively engages in three major activities: RESEARCH, DIALOGUE AND CONFERENCES and PROJECT SUPPORT.
GHFP Research

The GHFP's research work focuses on understanding key concepts underpinning our major areas of engagement; peace, dialogue and human flourishing. Through mapping out the conceptual landscapes in these fields, we can begin identifying good questions that may lead to genuine shifts in people's perceptions, attitudes and ways of thinking.
GHFP Dialogue Spaces

The GHFP creates spaces for new forms of encounter and dialogue. We recognise that dialogue requires compassionate listening within safe and non-judgmental spaces and the engagement of the whole person. We believe that such interactions can enhance mutual understanding, respect between people and harmony in society.
GHFP Projects

The GHFP initiates, sponsors and supports a variety of ongoing projects within the key areas of our concern. We identify and nurture those projects that can help make a strategic contribution to our mission with optimism and realism. For instance, we support a number of schools whose teaching and learning practices embody a vision of human-centred education.
GHFP Publications

As a research institute, the GHFP is aware of the importance of sharing knowledge and findings through publications. We hope that such sharing can help challenge people's thinking and enable a wider audience to engage with new ideas and new insights. Wherever possible, we endeavour to make our publications openly accessible online on our website.


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