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GHFP Publications

As a research institute, the GHFP is aware of the importance of sharing knowledge and research findings so as to challenge thinking and enable people to engage with new ideas and new insights.  
Books & Journals
The GHFP publishes some of our work through major international publishers for wider distribution and readership, and through peer-reviewed journals.
Position Papers
GHFP research-team produce a number of position papers that substantiate GHFP ideas around specific topics. These views are put forward by evidence drawn on an extensive discussion of the topics.
Research Publications
The GHFP intends to make all our research findings freely accessible to anyone who is interested in our work.
Conference Proceedings
After major academic conferences and events, the GHFP's team normally produce event proceedings either in a format of book, booklet or a paper.


publications catalog

Why Love Matters: Values in Governance
ISBN 978-1-4331-2928-5
Read Archbishop Desmond Tutu's Foreword for the book 
Critical Narrative as Pedagogy
published in February 2014 by Bloomsbury
This book expounds a theory of critical narrative by analysing and discussing trans-disciplinary literature as well as case studies in diverse contexts of learning. It argues that narrative is not just a rich and profound way for humans to make sense of their lives, but is, of itself, a process of pedagogical encounter for learning and transformation.
Education as Humanisation: Dialogic Pedagogy in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding, a Special Issue of the Journal of Comparative and International Education.
Reinstating humanisation as both the aim and process of education in post-conflict peace-building is a compelling vision at present. We believe that promoting dialogic pedagogy can help to ensure that individuals and communities become more aware of those beliefs and practices that perpetuate a system of control, oppression and dehumanisation in order to transform them.