The Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace (GHFP Research Institute) was founded in 1995 by co-founders Simon Xavier Guerrand-Hermès, a board member of Hermès International, and Sharif Istvan Horthy, the grandson of Admiral Horthy (Regent of Hungary 1920-1944).

Our motivating ideals are to work from, and to cultivate and support, human qualities and values.— Sharif Istvan Horthy, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman.

The founders believe that to effect enduring positive change and transformation in the world, the individual ought to start from a deeper connection with his/her inner life and spirituality. This principle guides the GHFP’s Trustees’ decisions in terms of the focus of our work and how to approach it.

Mission and Objectives
The GHFP’s mission is to promote and support peace, and a sustainable human future. We seek to contribute strategically to the resolution of human problems, in a spirit of optimism and realism. Our objective is to facilitate processes that help true human qualities to develop in the world, and for our work to be inspired by these qualities.

Our Work
The GHFP works as a research institute, investigating areas of concern key to the advancement of our mission. Our team work to specify strategically incisive questions to be explored in collaboration with others. These questions aim to challenge practically relevant assumptions that typically drive the way in which problems are defined and resolved.

Areas of Engagement

  • Advancing the concept of positive peace and cultivating peaceful relationships globally
  • Promoting the practices of deep dialogue, transforming conflicts in divided communities and healing the wounds of past violence
  • Introducing the notion of holistic human well-being and supporting the development of governance and institutions that are humanising and well-being sensitive
  • Encouraging humanity-centred education and inspiring a culture of care in schools

The GHFP’s mission is to promote the development of qualities necessary for peace and sustainable human future. The GHFP undertakes research (normative, conceptual and empirical). The priority of our research is to identify good questions that are strategically important and seek appropriate methodologies for relevant investigations. We also involve other scholars and practitioners to help us improve the questions and methodologies. We repeat this process until arriving at some answers and understandings worthy of sharing or disseminating. Often this process also includes grounded experiences in the field and/or pilot projects.

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Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace Founders and Board