Prof. Garrett ThomsonGarrett Thomson
Prof Garrett Thomson is the GHFP’s CEO and Director of Research. He received his DPhil from the University of Oxford. Currently he is Compton Professor of Philosophy at the College of Wooster, USA.  He was formerly the CEO of the World Subud Association from 2005-2010. Garrett is the author of numerous books including Needs; Kant; Introduction to Modern Philosophy; and a series of introductory texts on Descartes, Locke, Aristotle, Kant, and Leibniz. He co-edited the six-volume The Longman Standard History of Philosophy. His other recent works include Una Introduccion a la Practica de la Filosofia, On Philosophy and On the Meaning of Life. Most recently, Garrett has co-authored books as part of the GHFP’s research team.

Scherto_GillScherto Gill
Dr Scherto Gill is the GHFP’s Senior Fellow. She leads the development of new research projects, coordinates the GHFP’s team’s efforts, liaises with our partners in carrying out collaborative research, and contributes to our research publications. Scherto is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Sussex where she has taught courses such as Qualitative Research Methodology, Life History and Narrative Research, MA in Human-Centred Education, and MA Global Governance, Education and Peace. Scherto is a board member of several peace-oriented international forums, including the Ara Pacis Initiative, Rising Global Peace Forum, Spirit of Humanity Forum. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts.

Alice McCarthy Sommerville
Alice McCarthy Sommerville
Alice McCarthy Sommerville is a Research Assistant at the GHFP. She has an MA in Person-Centred Education from the University of Sussex, and a degree in English (with Philosophy). Her research work is underpinned by an interest in the connections between education, the good life (living well/rightly/doing the right thing) and human flourishing, with a particular focus on respecting children and young people as rational agents. Alice works primarily on the GHFP’s Human-Centred Education projects, supporting schools to nurture students’ and teachers’ well-being and whole-person growth. Alice is a governor and director of Sands democratic school in Devon, UK.