The GHFP seeks to understand key concepts in peace, dialogue and human flourishing. By mapping out these conceptual landscapes always in terms of human-centred values, we hope to develop new ideas for cultivating a wider systemic transformation at many levels.

Because the transformations that I am referring to involve our ability to be truly conscious, … it is, in a way, spiritual, akin to an ascension of the human spirit. — Simon Xavier Guerrand-Hermès, Founder and Chairman

Our Healing projects explore an understanding of what constitutes healing and how healing might take place within communities torn by histories of violence and dehumanisation. Our projects in post-conflict societies, such as Lebanon, Rwanda, Colombia and more recently the Americas have helped illustrate some of the approaches that may be meaningful for restoring human dignity and communal harmony.

Our Human-Centred Education projects aim to explore practices that leaders, teachers, educators and parents can use as a basis for understanding what education ought to be in the 21st Century. At the heart of this is encouraging schools to develop themselves into caring learning communities, and to take a holistic approach to well-being.

The GHFP’s Community-Based Projects tend to focus on sustainable livelihood, identifying innovative approaches to the root causes of poverty and injustice, and stimulating entrepreneurial spirit to enable the human well-being and flourishing of all. We believe that shifting the lenses through which we perceive well-being and livelihood can help humanity to transform the way we are with each other on earth.

G20 Interfaith Forum

The G20 Interfaith Forum (IF20) offers an annual platform where a network of religiously linked institutions and initiatives engage on global agendas. The annual G20 Summits are a critical time and place where priority global issues are considered. The IF20 processes include various platforms (ministerial meetings, engagement groups) that allow different sectors and communities to present ideas and recommendations to global leaders. IF20 aims to contribute meaningful insight and recommendations that respond to and help shape the G20 and thus global policy agendas. 

The IF20 builds on the vital roles that religious institutions and faiths play in world affairs, reflecting their rich diversity of institutions, ideas, and values. These include interfaith and intercultural organisations, religious leaders, scholars, development and humanitarian entities, and business and civil society actors.

The GHFP has sponsored the work of the IF20 Education Working Group.

In 2020, the GHFP supported the IF20 Education Working Group’s research, resulting in the Policy Brief on Inclusive and Caring Education.

In 2021, the GHFP directed, and co-sponsored a Global Listening Initiative to (1) ground policy inquiry in existing global proposals, and (2) understand the lived experiences of children and young people in diverse contexts and engage them in identifying actions for educational transformation. The Global Listening Initiative has led to a number of further projects:

Youths Dialogue with Politician at Spirit of Humanity Forum June 2021

G20 Interfaith Forum Ministerial Session

High-Level Dialogue with Global Leaders on Educational Transformation October 2021

Presenting Policy Brief at G20 Global Leaders’ Forum Dec 2021