In 2019/20, our researchers have been working on a project that explores diverse perspectives on the notion of love, with a view to develop a truly captivating and galvanising conception of Love that can invite a fundamental shift in human consciousness. Hence the project’s title: ‘A Narrative of Love’.

Led by David Cadman and Scherto Gill, this research is jointly funded by the American Dartington Solar Quest Trust and the GHFP. Research partners include the Fetzer Institute, Pureland Foundation, the Harmony Institute at the University of Wales Trinity St David, and others.

In addition to exploring love in Eastern and Western philosophies, and in the teachings of Abrahamic religions, the research also touches upon love in mysticism. In particular, David has been looking at the relationship between the loss of Love and a disconnection with the Divine Feminine; what has happened to the mystical teachings of Jesus, and the story of Mary Magdalene; and how the Church’s doctrine of redemption for our sins through crucifixion and resurrection has overwhelmed and dismissed the inner experience, expression and practice of Divine Love in our lives.

The research reports will be published in 2020/1. Please watch this space for more updates on the research.

The insights from this research, together with our work on well-being, will feed into the 2021 Spirit of Humanity Forum discussions, the theme of which is “Towards a Loving World: Leadership and Governance for Well-Being“.