The objective of our activity is to facilitate processes that help true human qualities to flourish in the world, and accordingly we think about and investigate key areas of human concern. We believe that identifying good questions through applied research and dialogue can lead to critical changes in perceptions, attitudes and ways of thinking.

Our research-team is made up of senior researchers, research fellows, visiting fellows, research associates and research assistants.
There are regular research dialogue meetings at GHFP HQ in Brighton. These events are attended by 6-12 scholars for open-ended conversations on topics of mutual interests, including peace, conflict transformation, education, well-being and livelihood. More details on our research page..

A primary objective is to create quiet, safe and open spaces; meetings and communication events where it is recognized that dialogue requires at once compassionate listening within a safe and non-judgmental space, and the presence and engagement of the whole person. We observe that such interactions can enhance mutual understanding respect between people and build harmonious relations. These dialogue events aim to generate new understanding and awareness that can contribute to resolving to some of the issues faced by people in the world of today.

GHFP initiates, sponsors and supports a variety of projects that fall within the Foundation’s key areas of interest. In each case after due process we came to identify with the vision and values of certain projects and so initiated or joined with others to help make a strategic contribution in line with our own mission.  For instance, we support a number of schools whose teaching and learning practices embody a vision of human-centred education.

As a research institute, the GHFP is aware of the importance of sharing knowledge and findings through publications. We hope that such sharing can help challenge people’s thinking and enable a wider audience to engage with new ideas and new insights. Wherever possible, we make our publications accessible online and operate as an open organization.

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