The GHFP’s publications are intended to articulate, share and disseminate our research understandings, learnings from discussions, and insights from projects. These monographs and edited collections below are some recent examples illustrating the fruits of our research, dialogue and project work. We believe that GHFP publications can create a greater platform for encounter and exchange of ideas.

Where possible, we tend to publish our work through major international publishers for wider distribution and readership, and/or through peer-reviewed journals. Our team normally disseminate symposium and event proceedings in a format of book, booklet or an edited collection of papers.

Thomson, G. & Gill, S. (2020). Happiness, Flourishing and the Good Life: A Transformative Vision of Human Well-Being, London: Routledge

Gergen, K. & Gill, S. (2020). Educational Evaluation in a Relational Key: From Inquisition to Inquiry, New York: Oxford University Press

Gill, S. & Thomson, G. (eds). (2019). Ethical Education: Towards an Ecology of Human Development, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press


Gill, S. & Thomson, G. (2019). Understanding Peace Holistically: From the Spiritual to the Political, New York: Peter Lang Read the excellent reviews here: