For a few years, under the generous sponsorship from Bruno Wang, the Pureland Foundation, GHFP and individual donations, the A Narrative of Love Project has brought forward much wisdom and rich insights to the world. Through the project, our understanding of the notion “Love” has been continuously deepening. These shifts are still unfolding, such as from recognising Love as a state of being, to regarding Love as a verb, referring to our ways of being human together, including love-as-valuing, love-as-relationing and love-as-caring; from seeing Love as the energising and animating force for harmony and peace personally, socially and cosmically, to identifying Love as the central organising principle for a flourishing world.  

Although this is a most challenging time for humanity, nevertheless, it has provided an important opportunity for us to pause, reflect, and take responsibility. Hence humanity is also on collective search for a new narrative that may take us out of the present perplexity and crises. This is because narrative, like cultural mythos, is fundamental to our common ways of being, and can articulate what we should value, what ought to constitute the good life, and how we can flourish together. 

This Project believes that it is A Narrative of Love that has the true potential to take us out of our present impasse towards the good life for all. 

In 2022-2023, our work has focused on the conditions of Love, through two major pathways:

  1. David Cadman’s work that focuses on researching, investigating and articulating how Love can become manifest.
  2. Scherto Gill’s work that focuses on bringing together global thinkers, scholars, researchers and practitioners to reflect on the conditions of Love and how Love might be nurtured through structural transformation, including collective healing, governance, public health, education, community processes, social justice, youth empowerment, and learning to Love.  

David Cadman’s work is centred upon teachings of love and compassion, wholeness and connectivity.  For many years he held professorial titles / fellowships in universities both in the UK and America.  He is a Harmony Professor of Practice at the University of Wales Trinity St David where he is exploring principles of Harmony in Education, Food and Farming, Wellbeing, Business and Economy.  Together with Scherto, and colleagues, David is also involved in the ‘A Narrative of Love’ Research. Formerly Chairman of The Prince’s Foundation and a Trustee of the Prince’s School of traditional Arts, he is Harmony Adviser to The Prince’s Foundation based at Dumfries House in Scotland.