Education is fundamental to peace and human flourishing. To ensure education promotes well-being, and human becoming, a systemic transformation is required.

Our symposiums tend to focus on key questions about the aims of education and how to develop schools as learning communities. These dialogues explore questions such as: “What kind of education system can support students’ well-being and their development as whole persons?” and “What changes in educational institutions would be essential in helping students to become more ethically aware, sensitive and motivated?”

Our symposiums normally last for two days. To participate, we ask contributors to reflect on and prepare a written outline of their thoughts (eg. in 2-5 pages) beforehand concerning the posed questions so that we can share them with the other participants before the beginning of the dialogue. The underlying intention is that through articulating ideas and responses to the questions, and by sharing and receiving each other’s reflections, the dialogue has already started before the face-to-face encounter. Thus the face-to-face dialogues are designed to combine individual presentations with focused conversations, as well as in-depth group reflection in a contemplative space through mindful listening.

Examples of our recent educational symposia:

Int’l Symposium on Caring Education, University of Haifa, August 2018

Int’l Symposium on Ethical Education, Highley Manor, June 2017

Int’l Symposium on Religion, Spirituality and Education, Marrakech, January 2012