Healing has been one of the major concepts in global peace and well-being, aimed at relieving the suffering of trans-generationally transmitted traumas, and addressing the deeper roots of violence, towards justice, equity and holistic and positive peace.

The causes of violence are often located in recent, but also older and even ancient, historical grievances and traumas. When drawing on perceived injustices, these psychological roots can become sources of violence, especially in acute times of crisis, fear and threat. These driving forces usually remain un-examined. By unfolding and deconstructing them, people can begin to see how systemic dehumanisation has been so deeply seated that it can become in part the narrative some communities have chosen to live by.

Through the pathways of intergenerational processes, encounter, dialogue, listening, re-storying, compassion, forgiveness and other approaches, individuals, groups and communities can embark on collective healing journeys. Healing, reconciliation, social justice and human flourishing go hand-in-hand in transforming conflict and building holistic peace.

Reconciliation cannot be aimed solely towards ending current conflict. It must also aim to include unburdening of the past, liberation from the pains and angers that made conflict seem inevitable in the first place. — Prof Garrett Thomson, CEO of GHFP

The GHFP sponsors several significant projects under the theme of Healing: