Organizational Profile of the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace

Organization Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace
Simon Xavier Guerrand-Hermès
Sharif Istvan Horthy
City Brighton, England
Values Human-centred
Vision Peace can only be achieved when people are in touch with their own humanity.
Mission As an international think-tank and a learning organisation. Our focus is to identify and investigate key questions of human concern, and to develop an understanding of the dynamics of relevant topical issues.
Goals The Foundation seeks to contribute strategically to the resolution of human problems and to facilitate processes that help true human qualities develop in the world.
Approach GHFP approaches its goal through (1) research that aims to change perceptions and promote transformation, (2) projects and processes that bring people to greater understanding, compassion and growth, and (3) open meetings and dialogues where relevant questions can be posed in a conducive setting.
Structure Registered charity with Trustees, an executive board, staffed UK office.
Scale Moderate
Scope Global
Activity Thinking, Research, Dialogue, Academic Research and Publication. Project-Themes: Human-Centred, Flourishing, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Healing the Wounds of History, Human-Centred Education. Dialogic-spaces and Events; education conferences, peace conferences, topical academic symposia, fora in governance, wellbeing, education, human-centred development, interfaith and interreligious dialogue.
Religion Secular
Words research, dialogue, human-centred, education, flourishing, interfaith, peace
Acronym GHFP
199, Preston Road Brighton, England
Telephone Tel. +44-1273-555022 Fax. +44-1273-555625