Human-centred education aims at the development of the whole person and enabling the expression of full human potential through educational processes and practices. It employs a holistic approach to curriculum and assessment based on human relations between teachers, students, parents and other members of the community, and is achieved through addressing the unity of human experience as a whole, within a stimulating human environment in the school classroom, playground, community and beyond.

Educational dialogues and conferences. They aim to produce insights about how to fulfill human qualities and potential through education. These events are mainly for educators, academics, teachers, and young people.

The Lewes New School. The project aims to develop whole persons, who can grow up to be valued and contributing members of their communities. It looks to discover what is unique about every child, and to support that uniqueness by creating a range of teaching and learning opportunities that naturally accommodate the different styles of learning.

Teachers Education Programme. It aims to support teachers’ personal and professional development as well as enable them to implement a human-centred vision for education in their schools.

Website: Human-Centred Education