The GHFP is hosting a ‘Peace in the City‘ event as part of the Brighton Festival Fringe at the Friends Meeting House. New date to be announced.

As a Peace Institute, the GHFP believes that peace is not just an absence of violence, it is more importantly a quality that underpins the holistic well-being of all.

What would peace thus conceived look like in Brighton & Hove? How might we cultivate a culture of peacefulness towards a sustainable future for our children and the next generations? 

Join three globally renowned peace experts, Dr Scilla Elworthy, Prof. Mike Hardy and Prof. Mario Novelli, to explore these questions about peace in the city and beyond. The panel discussion will be followed by opportunities to experience practical approaches for peacebuilding, with workshops facilitated by Jo Berry, whose father Sir Anthony Berry was killed by the IRA in the Grand Hotel Bombing in 1984, Alinah Azadeh, one of our most gifted local artists and activists, and Cath Oddhayward, a pioneer in Human-Centred approaches to education in Brighton.